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Manny Padda is an entrepreneur, angel investor, and philanthropist, he is the Founder and Managing Director of New Avenue Capital, a global investment firm providing capital to growing businesses through debt and equity investments. With more than 50 investments in 8 countries, New Avenue Capital. supports a portfolio of investments spanning education, recruitment, real estate, technology, and mining.

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A self-made entrepreneur who built his first multi-million-dollar company at age 26, Manny is an active advisor and angel investor globally and in British Columbia's tech community. He personally invests in local start-ups including Picatic, MyBestHelper, ShareShed, and MTT. He is also the co-founder of GradusOne, an organization that provides students and new graduates with resources to help them refine their career path and achieve success.

Manny was recently awarded Startup Canada’s 2017 National Entrepreneur Promotion Award, BC Tech Person of the Year 2017 Finalist, EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2017 Pacific Awards Finalist, NACO’s 2016 Canadian Angel Investor of the Year, BIV’s Top 40 under 40, EO Global Citizen of the Year, Canadian Startup Awards’ 2016 Angel Investor of the Year Finalist, and the 2017 Governor General Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers.

Manny is a graduate of Harvard Business School's Private Equity & Venture Capital program and is currently completing the Entrepreneurship & Innovation program at Stanford University.  In addition, he has an MBA degree from Queen’s University and BBA (Honours) from Simon Fraser University.  He has also completed a number of mining and geology courses with Snowden Group.  Manny currently sits on a number of advisory boards in the mining, education and not-for-profit sectors and is fluent in English and Punjabi.



Manny Padda is the epitome of Canadian entrepreneurial spirit with his keen eye for opportunity, determination, passion, fearlessness and focus on community. He is an entrepreneur, angel investor, educator, and philanthropist based in Vancouver, B.C. A first generation Canadian and self-made entrepreneur who built his first multi-million-dollar company at age 26 with offices in Vancouver, Toronto, London, and Asia. Manny is dedicated to providing education and mentorship, with a driving force of encouraging others to live their dream.

In 2010, at the age of 26, Manny left a comfortable position with a promising career path in order to create his dream of being an entrepreneur. He launched PM Search Partners, an executive search firm and quickly built it to 4 offices globally (Vancouver, Toronto, London and Asia) executing senior level search work in 26 countries. It faced much adversity being both a new firm and having the Managing Partner under the age of 30 recruiting in an industry built on seniority and experience. When the natural resources industry slowed down, Manny quickly adapted the company to better service the tech sector, immersing himself in a new industry and quickly learning in order to maintain its position as a leading executive search firm.

Using his keen eye for opportunity and financial skill, Manny developed PM Search Partners into a global investment firm by accepting compensation as equity or options, and this became the roots of New Avenue Capital. New Avenue Capital’s group of companies deliver an integrated approach to its fundamental services: recruitment, investment, and philanthropy. The firm focuses on Financial (Debt & Equity), Human (Recruitment), and Impact (Social Venture & Philanthropy) Capital.

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Within seven years of operation, New Avenue Capital has an enterprise value of more than $30 million with all assets generated by business lines and no outside investment or investors. Manny has a global portfolio of over 37 companies spanning education, real estate, technology, mining, healthcare and sports. He has personally invested over $4 million in Canadian technology startups and privately lent over $2.5 million in loans to Canadian technology companies. This includes FitPlan, G-Kup Technology Inc.,, Immersive Environments, MTT Innovation Incorporated, Picatic, ShareShed, Sokanu, Si Systems, Victory Square Technologies and Ynvisible, to name a few.

Manny is Canada’s ‘shining’ angel investor. In 2016, at the age of 33, he was named NACO’s Canadian Angel Investor of the Year. Manny is the youngest person in history to have won this award. Manny’s cheque size typically ranges from $50,000 pre-seed up to $350,000. In 2016 alone, he invested a total of $1.4 million CDN in 18 companies.

In 2017, Manny won Startup Canada’s “Entrepreneur Promotion Award” and was a finalist of the EY Entrepreneur of the year award, BC Tech Association “Person of the Year” award and Canadian Startup Awards “Angel Investor of the Year”

In addition to New Avenue Capital, PM Search Partners and the countless companies Manny invests in, mentors and advises, Manny started a professional development organization called GradusOne. Manny started GradusOne in 2014, with the goal of helping youth and future entrepreneurs kick-start their careers. GradusOne enables high school students, post-secondary learners, and recent graduates to discover options, realize opportunities and focus their career. By providing access to personalized resources, diverse connections and engaging events, GradusOne empowers members to take the first step towards their future success. In 2017, GradusOne merged with League of Innovators, a national Canadian charity with a mission to mobilize the next generation of young entrepreneurs to amplify reach and impact related to youth innovation and education.



Manny is not only one of Canada’s top angel investors and entrepreneurs, he is also a leading philanthropist. As the recipient of the 2016 Governor General Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers and Entrepreneur Organization’s Global Citizen of the Year, Manny is a true philanthropic leader. Manny applies the same entrepreneurial drive to his social impact that he does to his businesses. His two main pillars for philanthropy are children and education. His personal mission is to educate over one million children worldwide and donate over $1 million to charity. He is achieving this by actively contributing to organizations through mentorship, investment and philanthropy. Manny ensures that 25% of all profits made from angel investing go back into the community.

Manny is a dedicated volunteer and donor to organizations such as the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation and Covenant House Vancouver.  He also serves as Advisor to Social Venture Partners Vancouver, the Vancouver chapter of the international network of philanthropists who invest their time, money, and professional expertise into non-profits with the goal of encouraging positive social change. SVP Vancouver’s projects include The KidsSafe ProjectAthletics for KidsOne-to-One Literacy Society, and the Yo Bro Youth Initiative.

Manny currently sits on a number of advisory boards in the education and not-for-profit sectors, and has been a fundamental catalyst in the development of the below organizations by helping them to define their goals, build relationships, and secure funding and resources.  

While obtaining his BBA with Honours at SFU, Manny became one of the youngest T.A.s in the University's history at age 20, and after later receiving his MBA from Queens University in Toronto, he returned to SFU’s Beedie School of Business as a Professor and Guest Lecturer. He also recently completed the Venture Capital and Private Equity program at Harvard Business School.

Manny considers education to be the first step in developing the world's future entrepreneurs. He has made it his personal mission to help fund the construction of 1,000 schools to educate more than 1 million people worldwide.


Room to Read, Advisor and Gala Chair
Science World, Advisory Council
BC Children’s Hospital Foundation, Circle of Care and cabinet member for Night of Miracles Gala
Covenant House Vancouver, Covenant House Capital Finance Committee & Vancouver Ambassador
SOAR Philanthropic Society, Board Advisor
League of Innovators, Board Member


Social Venture Partners, Advisor, Partner and member of the Opportunities Committee
Instruments Without Borders, Sponsor
Global Agents for Change, Board Director
TiE Vancouver, Charter Member
Five Hole for Food, Board Advisor
SFU Student Entrepreneur of the Year, Gold Sponsor